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IrDA analyzer and demo application for IrDA programming
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IrDA session with HP LaserJet 6MP

This program allows to check the communication between a Palm III or a PalmPilot Professional with IrDA extension and other IrDA devices or another PalmPilot. The current version tries to access a IrCOMM port. This is present in most printers and Palm devices with PalmOS >= 3.3.

IR Ping uses the built-in IrDA stack of these devices and allows to play around with various IrDA functions and commands:

This command starts a discovery on the IrDA medium. All devices within the range are displayed with hardware address, hint bits and device name. The first device discovered will be used for the connect/test commands.
Connect IrLap
With 'Connect IrLap' a IrLap connection is set up to the first device discovered during the discovery.
Discon Irlap
Disconnect a running IrLap connection
Connect TP
Tries to set up a TinyTP connection. Therefore requests the receivers TinyTP-Lsap from the IAS data base of the receiver and on receipt requests the TinyTP connection.
Connect LMP
Sets up a IrLMP session. Requests the receivers IrLMP-Lsap from its IAS data base and requests a IrLMP connection. Some devices (e.g. the windows95 ir stack) have a short timeout between setup of the IrLap connection and the TP/LMP connection has to be set up shortly after the IrLap connection is established. Otherwise the device sends a disconnect.
With this function a IrDA test is requested.
The transmission of a data packet is requested. IR Ping sends 16 bytes (0x00, 0x01, 0x02 ... 0x0f) to the connected machine.
The command displays the maximum packet size, the connected machine will transmit.
This command displays the maximum paket size that can be transmitted.
This command requests the DeviceName from the receiver IAS data base. The answer is displayed with the next IAS callback.
All feedback, error and status information is displayed in a scrollable 80 lines buffer display.

Additional sources

About IrDA and 3Coms implementation of the IrDA stack see:

To work with the IrDA capabilities of your Win95 notebook you need to have the IrDA-Tools for Win95 installed. To get a IrCOMM connection you must have a program like hyperterm running that accesses the COM emulation of IrCOMM. (the thanks for this hint go to Peter Shirley)

What to do with this program?

This program is intended as a base for real IrDA applications. Just use IR Ping to check if your printer, cellular phone, notebook or PDA really talks the IrDA protocol and start writing an application like:

  • printer driver for IR printer
  • interactive (action) games
  • internet communication over cellular phones
  • backup, restore or HotSync to IrDA notebooks
  • or just code segements like a selector box showing all IrDA devices in range and let the user select one
  • ...
Please EMail me if you like to see a link from this page to the homepage of your IrDA based program.


IR Ping is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. I can accept no liability for data loss or any other problems caused directly or indirectly by the use of this program.
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