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GPL'd action game for the Palm Computing Platform
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One click from action ...
This game is the first 16 greyshade palm game ever. And it's free!

Argon V runs on any Palm compatible device with EZ dragonball CPU like the Palm IIIx, Palm V or Handspring Visor. Since version 1.01 it runs on the new Visors (prism and platinum) as well as on the Palm IIIc. Argon V is distributed under the GNU public license, which means that Argon V comes with all source files.

Version 1.01 is GamePad aware.

Don't waste your money on Shareware, join the open source community and take part in the development of your favorite palm game.

16 shades of grey

Weapon upgrade
Shield bonus
Bonus score
Fast reload
Restart here

Your objective is to survive as long as possible and to shoot down everything that moves. Avoid to crash into buildings, energy barriers, bombs and other ships, since this will damage you shield. Try to collect upgrades to increase the ship strength or to reduce damage. If you collect the 'restart here' extra, your restart position after your ship has beed destroyed will be set to this position.

We want you!

Argon V is a work in progress. The first release is playable, but needs a lot of graphic improvements, a bunch of new enemies, sounds and music, more weapons and whatever you can think off.

You don't need to be a programmer to take part in the development of Argon V. If you know how to use your favorite paint program, take a look at the source folder and create cool animated enemies, powerful weapons and fantastic background tiles.

The level editor (running on any TCL/TK platform like Windows, Linux or MacOS) allows for instant creation of new levels using your just created new images.

Without your help there'll never be version 1.1, with your help this will become the greatest palm game ever.

It all depends on you!

ArgonED, the level editor


Version 1.0:
initial release
Version 1.01:
gamepad support, changed default key mapping, slower but Palm IIIc and Visor compatible video driver
Version 1.02:
small updates of the video driver for Palm OS 3.5 and up
Version 1.03:
another video driver fix, this time for the palm tungsten


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