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My hardware

My system features a nice little 8" TFT touchscreen. Learn here how to use the Cetexx CX-T100 under Ubuntu Dapper.

My software

Gcode enabled xfig

This is the gcode enabled version of xfig.

This version has last been updated on 2007-07-18. The following things are supported by this version:


The original xfig image using a "real" font for the letter A and splines for the puzzle noses. The puzzle itself is on layer 50, the letter on layer 25:

This drawing is then being exported into gcode and imported into emc2/axis. Notice the 'A' being at different depth (0.25" above):

And finally the gcode is converted back to xfig using the ngc2fig tool. The 'A' is now a polygon made of straight lines and so are the puzzles noses:


These are debian packages for ubuntu dapper since this is the version officially supported by emc2.

And the source code: